Friday, May 18, 2012

Please Buy Something

I don't like doing these posts, just blatantly selling stuff. However, it's part of the role of an artist. I have a few things that are ways you can show me some love and help my family pay bills, eat food, and the such. I am posting this now mainly because a little extra cash would be really useful right now. Really useful.

Original Artwork

I sell original art and other hand made items on Etsy. I mostly reserve my Etsy shop for selling the original art, and I tend to sell it rather cheap. I'm even selling the jet-pack I made and used to haul around to conventions.

Why do I use Etsy? Well, it's to reach a wider audience. I have sold artwork to people I don't know, and I'm pretty certain they found me through Etsy. There's lots of good stuff there as well, so browse it it if you haven't for a while.

The Art of Stan Ford: The first full-color collection of artwork done in the years spanning the run of Jet-Pack Jenny and the Factor of 01. It sports a dust cover and 36 pages of artwork, commentary, and sketches. Features an introduction by Brandon Padgett of Sketch Charlotte.

$10.00 w/ free shipping!


I’ll do commissioned drawings. These will not be sketches, but fully rendered drawings, detail depending on the subject you request. All drawings will be on 8 1/2″ x 11″ card stock, making them easy to find a frame for. Depending on the subject matter, the medium will be charcoal or ink. Either way, you’ll have a nice darkly rendered drawing to show off. The price for a drawing is $25, as long as you’re not asking for more than three people in it.

I’ll also do 5″ x 8 1/2″ for $10, with the same level of detail as the larger drawings.

I hear you asking, how will this work?

First off, e-mail me at, letting me know what you want. If you want a likeness of someone, send me a photo. I draw comics, but for you, I’ll draw just about anything. When I’m done, I’ll e-mail you a watermarked scan of your drawing, at a resolution of 72 dpi.

How do you get money to me? I prefer PayPal, but you can mail me a check, if you want. Once I have the money, I’ll mail you your drawing in a plastic sleeve and inside a reinforced envelope, clearly marked “DO NOT BEND.” If you have trouble with your mailman bending your large mail to fit, consider having it sent to a work address.

Other books I've done

I have a limited supply of these books. Once I sell out I'll take them out of this post. Until then, there's more here that you can buy and see what else I've done.

Bunkee #4 collects the first part of the Jet-Pack Jenny and the Factor of 01, including a couple of nice, themed parody ads.Just $1.50

Bunkee #3 is a sketchbook special, featuring sneak peeks at upcoming work such as wrestling, Jet-Pack Jenny, and some stuff that’s fallen to the wayside, but has not been forgotten.Just $2.00

The Failure Anthology is an anthology from the five creators that made up Failure in 2003. Each creator gives their tale of a time in their lives when they felt like a failure. Five autobiographical tales in a full-size 32-page comic.

Chris Allen of Movie Poop Shoot said about Failure,”Not a bad book overall, with a good theme, clever design and very funny cover idea; the refrigerator with the failing report card on it,” and had great things to say about the individual creators. He even mentioned it in his “best of 2003″ report.
Steven Grant of Comic Book Resources said about Failure,”It reads pretty well, keeping the entries fairly short and tight, with most participants resisting the urge to explain themselves and demand sympathy. (A big problem with most autobiographical comics; if criticism demands ruthlessness, autobiography demands it in spades.) It’s good.”

Other people love Failure, what are you waiting for?
Just $2.00!

Too Scared To Die
I just stumbled across a print run of my first minicomic, Too Scared To Die. This is the last chance to get the autobiographical comic done as I was exiting the world of art school and setting my sail into the world of comics and all the anxiety that brings. A lot has changed since then, so this is the last chance to get this comic.Just $2.50

That's a lot of ways you can help me out by sending money and getting quality stuff in return.


  1. You made a print for me years ago of a couple of luchadores in a wrestling ring... do you still have the original around?

  2. Hmmmmm, I'm wondering if this is the one that you're talking about....

    If so, I do believe that I do.