Sunday, October 23, 2011


There's only two more strips to go in the story. The next strip is started and should be done in a couple of weeks, if only because I have a lot of other stuff lined up in the next seven days, not the least of which is getting some character designs nailed down for  Hanamori's Circus.


A couple of weeks ago at Sketch Charlotte, I drew this Batgirl in my way big sketchbook as I've come to call it. I really don't like the new Bat-Family costumes as they're just a little too busy, with a lot of extraneous details that seem to be there for no reason other than look more realistic.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

A couple of diversions

Okay, so I buy myself this new sketchbook that's really big, probably the biggest I've ever owned. It barely fits in the backpack that I take to Sketch Charlotte. The freedom it grants is that I can not worry about running out of room and then blowing up the sketch on my copier just to piece it together on the lightbox. That's precisely what I had to do with my last Jet-Pack Jenny drawing and more recently, my Wizard of Oz drawing, which will be done as soon as I can get to my lightbox again.
On the topic of Jet-Pack Jenny, I started this drawing at last week's Sketch Charlotte meeting after yet another disastrous start on a Power Girl drawing. I liked it and finished it up over the weekend. I believe it's in the running for the cover of the collected Power of 01.
The second drawing was inked at Sketch Charlotte, but started while I was sitting at HickoryCon last month. The character is planned to be part of my next story Hanamori's Circus. I do believe that I'll be curbing my need to throw a lot of ink down on this one.