Sunday, August 9, 2009

Work In Progress

Thursday and Friday saw my drawing time go into a redraw of a previous strip.  There's no lettering in the original strip, and I'm really thinking that adding captions would be counter-productive. I'll research a little about captions, especially in the context of sci-fi comics, but right now, the impulse is to leave the strip captionless. The Science Fiction comics of the 50s, especially the really great EC comics made heavy use of captions, but they were building upon the prose science fiction of pulp novels. So far, I've not used captions in this story, aside from the "elsewhere" blurbs, and I really feel like captions in this setting would be useless and be telling things that I can show.

Also, I'm aware that some may be using larger monitor settings to view the Internet, so if you're having trouble reading the lettering, here's a tip, if you're using Windows XP. While pressing "Ctrl", slowly roll the scroll wheel on your mouse away from you. This'll enlarge the page and rolling it back will return it to the larger resolution.