Thursday, September 15, 2011

Art Book now on sale!

My art book is ready!

It started off as a "sketchbook" at 20 pages but quickly ballooned to 36 before I knew it. I was inclined to put a lot of color pieces in it so to make it a little more special, I went to making it square-bound with a dust cover added. The print quality is excellent, with my artwork being reproduced better than I could possibly hope. Each piece is also accompanied by commentary explaining the process behind it. There's also a sketchbook section with some selections from my sketchbooks that never quite made it to a finished state. There's also a great introduction by a good friend from Sketch Charlotte, Brandon Padgett. The art book is $10.00 through PayPal, and I'll even throw in free shipping! As stock is replenished, there may be some delays in shipping, but I'm going to try to always keep a few in stock.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Coloring in Progress

Putting together the art book (which will be made available in the store sometime in the next week) made me rediscover my love of coloring. The last time I tried coloring Jet-Pack Jenny and the Factor of 01 made me feel really lackluster at the thought of coloring this story. I had a couple of hours this morning before the wife woke up, so I started coloring one of the strips that I'm happier with, and I'm really liking the product so far.

What do you think?