Friday, November 25, 2011

Do You Like T-Shirts?

On Deviant Art, this is my most popular drawing. What most people don't realize is that it's available as a t-shirt through Printfection, which does some great quality tees. I have one that I wear from time to time, and almost without fail, I get a conversation with someone that likes it.  at Printfection, you can get it in any color you want, but I prefer it in Red. As the shirt ages, the color adds to the aging feel of the image. In red and the other dark colors, they sell for $23.99. In lighter colors, you can get them for as cheap as $18.99

I also have a Jet-Pack Jenny t-shirt available and because of the image, I only offer it in white, which means it's just $18.99.  It's also available in ladies and kids sizes, a ringer tee, and a totebag!

Sunday, November 20, 2011


Tom is in the midst of his depression and goes somewhere that will remind him of his wife. That last part was an addition, and not in the original draft for this strip. Tom originally was going to go to a bar and just drink, but I wanted it to be someplace seedier. Making an appearance in the strip is Sketch Charlotte member Henry Eudy who just happened to be sitting across from me as I was drawing the panel. The fact that the dancer resembles Starfire is a comment on how she's being portrayed lately in the New DC 52.

Hopefully the next strip will be a little timelier, but with the holiday, I won't promise next week.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Apparently we're back to the 90's at DC

It didn't take four months until we saw the worst art cliche of the 1990s show up again in a DC Comic. In Batgirl #3, I could complain about the giant moon that while incredibly large was entirely inaccurate or the complete ignorance of Physics that lets Batgirl ignore inertia and swing into a subway car going around a sharp curve. The problem I have is with the use of an extreme closeup of the eye.

Let me say this again, it doesn't add to the drama to go right into someone's eye. The eye doesn't look that different when you're shocked except in its relation to the rest of the face. The face conveys so much emotion, that getting closer on one eye actually takes away from the drama of a scene. In this case, reflecting Nightwing's costume motif dds nothing since the entire last half of the book is Batgirl interacting with Nightwing. This is horrible, and absolutely bad art, and I'm hoping that they get a better artist on this book, especially if you're going to use Adam Hughes on the covers.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Anyone want a jet-pack?

About ten years ago, I built a jet-pack as a life-sized model of the jet-pack that Jet-Pack Jenny wears. From day one, people went nuts for it. It's followed me through numerous moves, from convention to convention, and now the time has come to let it go. You can own my jet-pack by purchasing it on eBay.