Wednesday, June 27, 2012


The Kickstarter project to publish Jet-Pack Jenny and the Factor of 01 is over, and I'm very happy to say that it was successfully funded. It's gonna take a couple of weeks to get the funds put into a place where I can access them, and at that time, I'm going to go to print. In the next two weeks, I'm tweaking the layout, getting the last of the guest art in, and putting the final touches on the cover. It looks like the final book will be 48 pages, including annotations, preliminary sketches (incorporated into the annotations), and guest art.

If you'd like to contribute guest art, please e-mail it to carpaltunnelpress(at) no later than July 11. If I've contacted you individually and asked for it from another e-mail address, please send it there. Please check back here before doing so, though and look for a notice that I have all the guest art I can handle. Once I have enough, I'll post here that I do.

If you still want to contribute financially to the book, please e-mail me for a private commission. My rates are as follows:

  • $25 - 8 1/2" x 11" in black and white. Full backgrounds, unless otherwise specified.
  • $50 - 11" x 17" in black and white. Full backgrounds, unless otherwise specified.
  • $100 - 11" x 17" hand colored.  Full backgrounds, unless otherwise specified.
  • Everything larger, please e-mail me for a quote.
  • No adult material requests, please.
Thanks again to the wonderful 16 people that contributed through Kickstarter!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Yet another incentive drawing

This one actually started out as practice, but ended up coming out really nicely. For those of you that have only read Factor of 01, The guy in the background is known as Skid-Mark, and is a leftover from the creation of Jet-Pack Jenny. He showed up in a four page story drawn by Andrew Franks, back over ten years ago, when we were both in college. He also had a cameo in Flight of the Virginia Dare, but I've never been able to do much with him.

I've got three more of these in the process right now. There's one finished that you haven't seen, just because it won't scan very well, so I'm coming along with these very nicely. After I finish the ones in the process, I'm going to be working on the cover image for the collected Factor of 01. There's still time to get in on getting an original drawing, original art from Factor of 01, just go over to Kickstarter and pledge to contribute to getting the book published. I've already made the goal, so any more pledged adds to the quality, page count, and/or print run for the book. I'm not keeping any of the contributions for myself, because that would just be wrong.

Redrawn strip, but not new.

This is a redrawing of the third Jet-Pack Jenny strip, but it's not new at all. I was going through the original art for Factor of 01, and found it. I immediately recognized that it had not been scanned, maybe being finished during a move somewhere, when my scanner wasn't hooked up.

I still like the robot chiding Jenny for using her phone.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

More Incentive Drawing

This was done for an incentive drawing for the Kickstarter project. It is a little daunting, the amount of drawing that I'm having to do for this project, but I'm thrilled at the response. If you'd like to contribute, you still can up until June 26th. Just click on the link here in the post or the big white box on the right. Any amount that the final contribution goes over the original goal amount will contribute to a higher print run, more pages of extra art, or other enhancements to the project.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Another Incentive Drawing

Here's another incentive drawing I've done to repay contributors to the Kickstarter campaign. It's still not too late to contribute! Just click the link on the right over there and contribute whatever you feel you can afford and is necessary! I have reached my goal, so everything from here on out is contributing to a higher print run, a slicker presentation or more artwork included in addition to the collected story, annotations and guest art!

Again, guest art is welcome, just e-mail me for the dimensions needed.