Sunday, March 14, 2010

I Should Have Posted This Yesterday

I should have posted this yesterday but it was a busy day with meeting the Gastonia Society for Free Thought, and then doing laundry which turned into a major endeavor when the laundry room door got blocked by an unbalanced washer.

XKCD frustrates me terribly because I think that it's hilarious, but when it comes to comics, I'm a firm believer that the art is as integral as the words. XKCD uses iconic imagery to help illustrate the joke, but sometimes it gets in the way. This particular strip is one that I would love to redraw in a way that adds layer to the joke. The actors chosen for blockbuster bad science fiction action movies are always the best part of the joke as absolute nonsense dialogue is delivered with complete sincerity. A lot of times, the actors take the blame because they're the ones sent out to promote a horribly bad movie, when it's the writers that need to have their names and faces attached to absolute drivel. Mitchell and Webb did a nice little bit that illustrated this in a much more humorous way than I can manage.

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