Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Doctor Who and Charlotte Comicon

Here's a drawing that I just finished of Matt Smith as the 11th Doctor (or is he now the 12th?). It took a little bit of time to complete, but I feel like it was well worth it.

I did this after binging on some classic Doctor Who on Hulu, which has been adding Classic Doctor Who episodes like crazy. About a week ago, I re-watched The Angels Take Manhattan and realized that I am going to miss Matt Smith as the Doctor. I'm looking forward to Peter Capaldi as the doctor. I just hope that the next season is a little better than the bulk of the last one.

This Sunday, I'll actually have this for sale at my table at Charlotte Comicon, along with some of my Alphababes drawings and some other drawings that I've done for the heck of it from time to time. I'll also have a few copies of my comics there and Brandon Padgett (see the photo below) will have some sketchbooks including some of my artwork in them. The latest collection looks really nice.

This photo is from last fall's Charlotte Comicon, which was an absolute blast, and I promise that I'll be there all the time, with the exception of a potty break or two. Look for Brandon Padgett and Eraklis Petmezas as well there and many other great artists! Brandon sat next to me last fall, and hopefully, we'll be adjacent to each other again. Cons are always more fun when you can sit with your friends.

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