Thursday, August 25, 2011

Redrawing Jet-Pack Jenny

I have a gallery show coming up in January (not April as I once mistakenly wrote elsewhere) up in my old stomping grounds of Lenoir, NC and I wanted some strips that were better suited to the gallery environment. Eventually, I am gonna re-draw an earlier Jet-Pack Jenny story that I’m not happy with, and decided that this shot needed to be expanded to full strip length. It’s Jet-Pack Jenny tossing Bad Bette over her in a judo-type flip.

I look forward to redrawing this fight. I feel I'm a much better artist than when I first did this story years ago, but don't look forward to it anytime right away. I have three or four strips left in Factor of 01, then I'm going to concentrate on a story that we're tenatively calling Hanamori's Circus. Any time spent away from that will be collecting Factor of 01.

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