Monday, August 30, 2010

Working on Getting Ahead.

I know that it's been two weeks, but this week, I should have some time to get ahead on the strip while I get situated in my new surroundings. I am taking some steps now at life after Factor of 01. I am also looking at making some changes in the general look and content of this web site.

Now, because I just don't wan this to be another "the strip is late" entry, I want to turn you on to one of the inspirations for the current incarnation of Jet-Pack Jenny. Peter O'Donnell's strip Modesty Blaise has the tone and attitude that I'd love to emulate here. Granted Modesty isn't the type of character that I'd want Jenny to be, but in almost every storyline I've read thus far, the hints of Modesty's past are always intriguing enough to keep me reading looking for something new that's revealed. I know that it's all known by now, and I don't yet have a complete collection of the stories, but it always comes into play in the story. The current story owes a lot to O'Donnell's character, even though Jenny's role in her world owes more to Ian Fleming's spy than to Modesty, but the more I read of Peter O'Donnell's adventurer, the more that character places her hooks in Jet-Pack Jenny.

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