Monday, June 15, 2015

So I'm getting an itch...

I've been getting the itch to draw some comics lately. Naturally, what I'm wanting to draw is some Jet-Pack Jenny. I didn't leave her where I wanted her to end up, so I really feel a weird guilt about stopping where I did. However, I do not relish the thought of getting back into a schedule of drawing strips, then trying to collect them, feeling the pressure to take it to conventions and try to sell it to people really just there to buy Batman stuff.

Fortunately, this weekend, Brian Churilla posted an analysis of what he made drawing comics last year, which was followed by Bleeding Cool posting a photo of average page rates for all of the various roles that go into producing a comic, with mainstream work only netting about twice of what Mr. Churilla made working on comics that he didn't own.

If I do this, I'm doing it for me. I will share it when it's done, and not a second before. I am not going to post previews and teasers on DeviantArt or Facebook, or Twitter. I'm doing the story that I want to do and then I'll throw it up online. I don't care to print it, so I probably never will.

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