Sunday, January 12, 2014

Ways to Send Me Money (and Get Good Stuff Too!)

This might just fall on deaf ears, but this is a period where, without sharing too much, Some money coming in would be handy. I don't ask for charity, but would love to send you stuff in exchange for funds. There are many ways you can do this:

I'm available for commissions. 

These will not be sketches, but fully rendered drawings, detail depending on the subject you request, but the samples below show how I work. All drawings will be on 8 1/2" x 11" card stock, making them easy to find a frame for. Depending on the subject matter, the medium will be charcoal or ink. Either way, you'll have a nice darkly rendered drawing to show off. The price for a drawing is $25, as long as you're not asking for more than three people in it. After three, add $5 per person.

I'll also do 5" x 8 1/2" for $10, with the same level of detail as the larger drawings.

For those that are really ambitious, 11" x 17" are available for $40, $75 with color.

I hear you asking, how will this work?

First off, e-mail me at or contact me through Facebook if you friend me there and let me know what you want. If you want a likeness of someone, send me a photo. I draw comics, but for you, I'll draw just about anything. When I'm done, I'll e-mail you a watermarked scan of your drawing, at a resolution of 72 dpi.

Here are some samples:

How do you get money to me? I prefer PayPal, but you can mail me a check, if you want. Once I have the money, I'll mail you your drawing in a plastic sleeve and inside a reinforced envelope, clearly marked "DO NOT BEND." If you have trouble with your mailman bending your large mail to fit, consider having it sent to a work address.

Buy a book.

I have three books available for purchase directly here.

Jet-Pack Jenny and the Factor of 01 is a story of intrigue featuring androids that explores current themes of prejudice and civil rights. Includes guest artwork and complete annotations.

$10.00 with free shipping!

If you're outside the US and want to order a book, just let me know!

The Art of Stan Ford is the first full-color collection of artwork done in the years spanning the run of Jet-Pack Jenny and the Factor of 01. 36 pages of artwork, commentary, & sketches.

$10.00 w/ free shipping!

The Mall Preview is a 20 page mini-comic following three characters in a small city where chain stores are affecting locally-run businesses.

50 cents plus the cost of a stamp.

Buy Original Artwork Through Etsy

I am selling original artwork, mainly Alphababes postings through Etsy. There are also some neat little extras there like a Jet-Pack Jenny e-book and a great Doctor Who drawing. Here's some samples:

Those are the ways to help me out a little. Everything is appreciated.

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