Thursday, September 15, 2011

Art Book now on sale!

My art book is ready!

It started off as a "sketchbook" at 20 pages but quickly ballooned to 36 before I knew it. I was inclined to put a lot of color pieces in it so to make it a little more special, I went to making it square-bound with a dust cover added. The print quality is excellent, with my artwork being reproduced better than I could possibly hope. Each piece is also accompanied by commentary explaining the process behind it. There's also a sketchbook section with some selections from my sketchbooks that never quite made it to a finished state. There's also a great introduction by a good friend from Sketch Charlotte, Brandon Padgett. The art book is $10.00 through PayPal, and I'll even throw in free shipping! As stock is replenished, there may be some delays in shipping, but I'm going to try to always keep a few in stock.

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