Sunday, January 23, 2011


This strip and next week's strip was not planned to be included, just because I wanted to end it by December 31.  However, I have a very specific ending in the works which first got suggested to me back in April and sometime in September, got revised a little bit by my wife.

The next strip is gonna be one of those mega-panels, just because I want to establish the courtroom as a location. After that, we have Ione's testimony and that leads us into the conclusion of our story.

By the way, I've been reading the Jaime Hernandez art book "Secret of Life and Death" and if you haven't looked at this, then do so. Also, be warned that if you click the "be a fan on Facebook" link on the right, then you get to see these strips as soon as they're done, scanned and pre-dated. I also plan to start sharing some special stuff over there soon.

Can you spot Elton's "01"?

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