Monday, July 12, 2010

Okay, I Officially Suck Now

The next strip is in progress, but this has turned into a very busy time. Between a new relationship and a new, full time job, things are suffering and not just the strip. I just ask that you bear with me while I get back on schedule, an get a few strips in the can to avoid any further delays.

Before anyone asks, yeah I have a girlfriend, and no, she has a level of Internet privacy that's practically unheard of for someone that spends as much time online as she does, so even on Facebook, I refer to her only as "M," in an effort to maintain that privacy. And before anyone assumes anything, the job is the primary reason that the strip has fallen behind. I have an hour round trip commute, and 40+ hours a week of mentally draining work. The schedule I worked so carefully on with my prior job schedules just don't work with this one, so I have to find a new schedule.

That has got me thinking post Factor of 01, and I am completely open to collaborating with another artist on the next story. If anyone is interested, just email me at carpaltunnelpress (at)

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