Monday, June 21, 2010


Yeah, late again, and no good excuse, except this new schedule is screwing with my drawing routine. I am not gonna wait until next week to post the latest strip though. I am going to work on it every spare moment I have. until it's posted. Hopefully that'll be by Tuesday, but I'm not making promises, because I do have errands to run. I also am shooting to get ahead a little on the strip.

Yeah, i know I've said that last bit before.

Just throwing a little out to the universe, but would anyone be interested if I ran some guest strips after this current story is over? Hell, would anyone be interested in doing guest strips?

UPDATE: The week has been insane. My day job isn't giving me a day off to finish lettering the strip, much less recover from last weekend's adventure out of town. On top of that, my phone needed to replaced and the week ended with car trouble. I'm seriously working on getting back into a regular schedule soon.

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