Thursday, February 25, 2010

Talking Points

Arguments on a note card:

Doesn't anyone know the meaning of the word "paraphrase?"

Seriously, I watched about three hours of this before they broke for a House vote around 1PM. There's quite a few clips floating around the Internet and I could make this post about a mile long with the various things that made me angry, excited, or proud. Do yourself a favor and go watch as much of this as possible. It's really amazing at what was said by whom and how the summit was approached by all involved.

BTW, I know this is from MSNBC, which is hardly unbiased, but their video player lets you pull out a segment for sharing. While I'm not an Internet expert, I don't know of any other news outlet that lets you pull your own segment for sharing out of practically an entire episode of their programming. If there's another, please direct me to it.

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